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Coaching para escribir un bestseller

“Coaching para escribir un bestseller” is a seduction manual. Probably, I have been working on this book since even before I knew I was working on it, but it is now, on the ground of finishing my PhD thesis that I have decided to set the wheels turning. Here I explain everything I know about the magical link between author and reader, two different people inevitably bound by complicity in the world that the former set to paper in a book and the latter gave life in their head. To that purpose I will provide my own experience as a writer, those of the authors that shared their particular vision about the literary creation process with me in my radio program, and the problems that my trainees faced during my workshops of literary creation. I will also review essays and articles published on the subject and, mainly, I will assess some of those wonderful novels that have had so much impact on our lives.

It is time to make decisions, to know where you are, take a look at where you wish to get and get rid of what is hampering you. The journey to your future, that place where you will be for the rest of your life, begins today. If this book came to you, you already took the first step. Be aware that writing THE GREAT NOVEL it is only up to one person:  You.


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