Todo lo que sé sobre los dragones

“Todo lo que sé sobre los dragones. Y otras historias sobre mujeres”, aims to show the diversity of thoughts and ways that women use to address their lives needs, depending on their time or place of birth, and the events ahead of them, as well as the influence that their actions may have on the people around them.

This book is sometimes erotic, sometimes scathing, sometimes naive… sometimes even melancholic, just the same as life in general is.

It is divided in six parts titled: Sex, Love, Motherhood, Pain, Hopes, Maturity. Each of those parts contains stories related to those subjects, always treated in a striking way.


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Ladrona de almas

First person told stories, gathered under the figure of a peculiar photographer, Mercedes Rubí, who travels with a very special camera. Each picture captures a part of the photographed’s soul. Each one of these pieces of soul tells us an astonishing story starred by the most diverse characters. Many of these stories are based on true events that we can live in our daily life or read on newspapers.