Coaching to write a Bestseller

Once you have placed the kitchenware and ingredients on the table, you can proceed with the cooking of your novel. Do not forget that you have to give your best for others. Otherwise, if you are planning to eat your own stew, then forget this penthalog and do whatever the… you want.   

Fernando Aramburu


Nerea Riesco has a PhD in Journalism and Communication. Her investigation is focused on the creation of the bestseller phenomenon  and  its major findings and recommendations were gathered in the book Coaching para escribir un bestseller and the homonymous novel creation course.

Usually, the so-called bestsellers are vilified, considered low-quality books. But that is not really true. In this course we arise from the premise that quality is not at odds with the number of copies sold, because, however much that can be said about them, those are the books that fill most of the space in the bookshops shelves, remain in the readers’ hearts, and are the books that people really want to read.

First of all, we will set our approach to the bestseller phenomenon. There are several types of bestseller and we will analyze them to assess their themes, tricks and skills exhibited by their authors. We will explore their similarities and differences. Because, although it might seem that many of those novels are alike in terms of theme, style, timing, emotion, characters’ role… each book is its own universe, and its success, sometimes, has much more to do with a marketing strategy or a historic or social event.

But, what are we able to do, as authors, to place our work in the best of possible situation, eliciting a great sales success?



  • Define the bestseller concept, its history and the similarities and differences between the various types of literary success.
  • Build the bases for our future novel, reshape our previous idea or even an improvable finished work.
  • Implement the framing, the narrator, the characters, the dialogs, the genre and the combination description-acction-dialog.
  • Take a peep into the publishing industry and its behavior.

This course can be contracted by Public Administration, private companies, associations or individuals. Its conception is flexible and can be adapted to different schedules and particularities.

If you are interested in hiring Nerea Riesco to provide one of her courses for your organization, or if you want to suggest another possible workshop, course or conference concerning her areas of expertise (literary creation, communication…), or if you wish to receive input about one of your ongoing courses, please go ahead and send a mail to the address