Tales from the other side

An impressive cast of authors were coordinated by Concha Perea (La Corte de los Espejos, Fantascy, 2013) to gather and anthology of the newest urban fantasy, speculativepara compilar una antología de la novísima especulative fiction (literary science fiction, urban fantasy and strange literature), produced in Spain. Deeply influenced by China Miéville, Anna Starobinets or Jeff VanderMeer, the authors commit to a literary language in their reinterpretation of those genres.





portada CervantesSomeone writes to Cervantes

An anthology of Cervantine stories written by twenty world-class authors of historic novel: María Pilar Queralt del Hierro, José Calvo Poyato, Antonio Gómez Rufo, Alfonso Mateo Sagasta, Luis García Jambrina, Baltasar Magro, José Vicente Pascual, José Luis Muñoz, Nerea Riesco, Ramón Acín, Francisco Morales Lomas, Carolina Molina, Olalla García, Brígida Gallego-Coin, Herminia Luque, Alfoso Cost, David Yagüe, Víctor Fernández Correas, Francisco Gallardo, Carolina Molina and Ana Morillas.
Published by editorial Traspiés. It is a tribute to Cervantes for the celebration of the Cervantine year.
All profits will be donated to the food bank in Granada.

Patchwork from the past. 10544332_895307050525568_5515264093698609598_n

This anthology was also born with a Spirit of solidarity. Due to the limited funds from public institutions to look after our History, a group of Spanish authors, including Nerea Riesco, decided to join forces with the aim of contribute with their effort and affection in their commitment to those organisations still fighting to remind us where we come from, who we were and what we can learn from all that.
A total of nineteen stories were gathered, covering different periods and places, written by as many talented authors.
The corresponding part of the authors’ royalties will be donated to the Al-Andalus Live Library.

8M sin fondo

Tales of the 8th March

On the occasion of the Women’s Day, the collection of Temas Vizcaínos, an iniciative by bbk Foundation, has published ‘Tales of the 8th March‘, a creation that gathers eight stories from as many Basque authors. They wanted to represent the feelings of a feminine soul, and the anthology is a chant for women’s freedom.  For freedom to dream, feel, overcome their fears, decide, hope… A freedom sometimes torn apart during the difficult everyday life. The tales are written by Espido Freire, Luisa Etxenike, Karmele Jaio, Mariasun Landa, Toti Martínez de Lezea, Nerea Riesco, María Eugenia Salaverri and Arantxa Urretabizkaia, and are set in Biscay. Its main characters are infant, young and mature women. Their realities are very different, but in each one’s life something special happens on a 8th March.



MBA sin fondo

Macondo face up

This is a selection of authors born between 1948 and 1978, who were teenagers or even children by the time of Latin American boom, and considered the narrative and poetry reads a substantial part of their lives.







RU sin fondo

Urban stories

A selection of more than ninety unpublished stories, written during the Alicante’s book fair, and forty illustrations created by sundry authors, and with very different subjects, that open up before us a world full of colors.